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3D GOLD STAR-Best & Latest Metal Detector 
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GOLD MASTER proudly introduces the most advanced detecting technology manufactured exclusively by MEGA LOCATORS-Germany= the New 3D GOLD STAR-Metal Detector and Ground Scanner. This device combines the most important system of an ideal metal detector capable of detecting metals and discovering underground structures. These are: 1. Long Range System- has a high sensitivity sensor which detects targets up to 1200 meters front range. The device not only detects targets from the surface, but also from under the ground to a depth of 35 meters making it very effective discovering valuable objects that has been burried. 2. Magnetic system-is used to explore the Earth's magnetic field and detect magnetic anomalies under the ground. It is especially useful in detecting ferromagnetic materials. 3. 3D Imaging System-gives 3D pictures of the earth's layers used to determine the kind and properties of the target such as size and depth. It is made up of high quality materials and is not affected by weather conditions. It also comes with a tablet computer installed with 3D analysis program to be used in analyzing the data gathered with the 3D imaging system. Visit our website: Contact Sales Department at: +971 50 3010 577 or +971 50 3010 775 Email us at:
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Listing ID: 174

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